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Botanical Name: Euxylophora Paraens; Pau Amarello

Family: Rutaceae

Other Common Names: Amarello, Limao-rana, Pau setim, Pequia setim (Brazil)

Uses: Furniture, parquet flooring, and brush handles

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Distribution: Confined to noninundated lands of the lower Amazon region in the state of para, Brazil.

General Characteristics: A large tree of the “terra firma” reaching a height of 130 ft. Heartwood bright clear yellow deepening upon exposure; not sharply defined from the yellowish-white sapwood. Texture is medium; grain is straight to irregular; luster is high; without distinct odor or taste.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.70; air-dry density 54 pcf

Working Properties: Reported not very difficult to work with.

Durability: Reported probably of low resistance to decay.

Preservation: N/A

Mechanical Properties

(2-in. standard)

Bending Strength:

Green (40): 13,200 psi
12%: 16,200 psi

Modules of Elasticity:

Green (40): 2,040 @ 1,000 psi
12%: 2,180 @ 1,000 psi

Maximum Crushing Strength:

Green (40): 6,440 psi 12%: 9,050 psi

Janka side hardness 1,610 lb for green material and 1,820 lb at 12% moisture content.

Drying and Shrinkage:

The wood is reported to be easy to season with little tendency to warp or check.

No data on dry kiln schedules available. Shrinkage from green to ovendry: radial 6.0%; tangential 6.7%; volumetric 12.8%.

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