Thermo Poplar Lumber
Thermally Modified Poplar

Botanical Name: Liriodendron

Family: Salicaceae

Other Common Names: American tulipwood, American whitewood, Canary whitewood, Canary wood, Canoe wood, Poplar, Popple, Saddletree, Tulip poplar, Tuliptree, Tulipwood, White poplar, Whitewood, Yellow poplar

Uses: Siding, shutters, trim, moulding, millwork, cabinetry, exterior furniture, decking.

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Thermally Modified Poplar

Distribution: Same as for Poplar

General Characteristics: Thermally Modified Poplar is produced by the thermo-treatment process. When complete, the process carmelizes the sugars in the wood which gives the ash a dark brown appearance all the way through the wood. The process also allows the poplar to become more water resistant and decay resistant.

Weight: N/A

Working Properties: Please click HERE go to the Thermally Modified Wood Products page to access the extensive working properties information for Thermo Poplar.

Mechanical Properties

Bending Strength:


Modules of Elasticity:


Maximum Crushing Strength:


Drying and Shrinkage


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