Santos Mahogany Lumber
Santos Mahogany

Botanical Name: Myroxylon
balsamo; balsamo


Other Common Names: Balsamo, Palo de balsamo (Spanish America generally), Cedro chino, Nabal (Mexico), Chirraca, Sandalo (Costa Rica), Tache, Tolu (Columbia), Estoraque (Peru), Cabriuva vermelha (Brazil), Incienso, Quina (Argentina)

Uses: Flooring, furniture, interior trim, turnery, railroad crossties.

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Santos Mahogany

Distribution: Has a wide range from southern Mexico southward through Central America and continuing to Argentina.

General Characteristics: Trees grow up to 100 ft, usually 50 to 65 ft and 18 to 36 in. in diameter. Heartwood is reddish brown becoming deep red or somewhat purplish upon exposure; fairly uniform to striped; sharply demarcated from the white sapwood. Luster medium to high; texture is medium; grain is typically interlocked; without distinctive taste, but may have a pleasant spicy scent.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.74 to 0.81; air-dry density 54 to 62 pcf.

Working Properties: It is reported to be moderately difficult to work but can be finished smoothly with a high natural polish. Though nonsiliceous, there is more than the usual dulling of the cutter.

Durability: The heartwood is reported to be highly resistant to attack by decay fungi.

Preservation: Both sapwood and heartwood are highly resistant to preservative treatments.

Mechanical Properties

(First set of data based on the 2-cm standard; second on the 2-in. standard)

Bending Strength:

Green (30): 16,900 psi
12%: 19,200 psi
12% (20): 25,400 psi
Green (40): 17,270 psi
12%: 20,130 psi

Modules of Elasticity:

Green (30): 1,820 @ 1,000 psi
12%: N/A
12% (20): N/A
Green (40): 2,130 @ 1,000 psi
12%: 2,430 @ 1,000 psi

Maximum Crushing Strength:

Green (30): 8,600 psi
12%: 10,300 psi
12% (20): 13,400 psi
Green (40): 8,200 psi
12%: 11,100 psi

Janka side hardness ranges 2,070 lb for green material and 2,200 lb at 12% moisture content. Amsler toughness 360 in.-lb at 15% moisture content (2-cm specimen)


Drying and Shrinkage

No information available on seasoning characteristics. Shrinkage from green to ovendry: radial 3.8%; tangential 6.2%; volumetric 10.0%. These values are very low for a wood of this high density

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