Project Gallery

Welcome to our Customer's Projects Gallery. This photo gallery is where we display the woodwork of customers who purchase their wood from Bailey Wood Products! Please click on individual thumbnails to view larger images with captions.

Furnishings - Beds, Benches, Cases, Chairs, Shelving, Tables, Trunks

Bible Box 1 Bible Box 2 Bible Box 3 Entertainment Center 2 Entertainment Center 1
Keres Rocker Mahogany Table Sack Back Settee Bed Headboard Footboard and Frame Toy Chest Bench
Schucker Table 1 Schucker Table 2 TV Console TV Console 2 TV Console 3
Sm Table Light 1 Sm Table Light 2 Sm Table Dark 1 Sm Table Dark 2 Sm Table Dark 3

The Great Indoors - Cabinets, Counters, Ceilings, Floors, Railings, Molding

Rail Station Cabinets 1 Rail Station Cabinets 2 Rail Station Cabinets 3 Library 1 Library 2
Library 3 Maple Bar 1 Maple Bar 2 Maple Bar 3 Wine Cellar 6 Steps
Wine Cellar 2 Wine Cellar 1 Wine Cellar 3 Wine Cellar 4 Wine Cellar 5
Coffered Ceiling 1 Coffered Ceiling 2 Coffered Ceiling 3 Diefenderfer Pine Floor 1 Diefenderfer Pine Floor 2
Walnut Cabinet Matched Set Walnut Cabinet Book Matched Set      

The Great Outdoors - Canoes, Decks, Patio Furniture, Raised Bed Gardens

Canoe 1 Canoe 2 Canoe 3 Poncheri Deck
Patio Set Patio Set 2 Patio Set 3 Raised Bed 1 Raised Bed 2

Structures - Barns, Buildings, Pavillions

Funny Girl Farm 1 Funny Girl Farm 2 Funny Girl Farm 3 Funny Girl Farm 4 Funny Girl Farm 5
Timber Barn 1 Timber Barn 2 Timber Barn 3 Hawk Mountain Pavillion Hawk Mountain Pavillion 2

Art and Music - Decor, Instruments, Miniatures, Objets d' Art

Banjo 1 Banjo 2 Banjo 4 Jeff Trexler 2 Jeff Trexler 1
Dulcimer 1 Dulcimer 4 Dulcimer 2 Dulcimer 4 Stavent Drums
Ken Burton Box Ken Burton 2 Lamp Ken Burton Shelf 3    

Penn Ridge Projects - Luthier Program,

hard body guitar from Pennridge HS hard body guitar from Pennridge Luthier Program hard body guitar from Pennridge Luthier Program hard body guitars from Pennridge Luthier Program Clock
Ukuleles from Pennridge Luthier Program Ukuleles from Pennridge Luthier Program Ukuleles from Pennridge Luthier Program Back of Ukuleles from Pennridge Luthier Program Table
bench from Pennridge High School Wood Shop Table Bench Table Desk
Table Table table table Desk
Desk Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Bed with Stag Head Pyrography
Chest Chest Chest Bookcase Chest
Windsor Chair Windsor Rocker Windsor Rocker Windsor Chair Windsor Bench
Windsor Double Rocker Windsor Double Rocker Chair stool, hassock, tuffet Stool
Dart Board Cabinet Skis    
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