Catalpa Lumber
Flame Birch

Botanical Name: Betula alleghaniensis

Family: Betulaceae

Other Common Names: Grey Birch, American Birch, Hard Birch, Yellow Birch, Sweet Birch, Swamp Birch

Uses: Flooring, Cabinets, Doors, Panels, Furniture, Veneer

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Flame Birch

Distribution: Canada, Northeast United States.

General Characteristics: Flame birch has a beautiful wavy grain figure. It is rather scarce because only an occasional tree is found to produce this peculiar grain. For the specific properties of the lumber, please refer to the Birch lumber page.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.62; air-dry density N/A

Working Properties: Material containing irregular grain is reported to be generally difficult to machine in most operations and may be accompanied by some grain tearing unless cutting angles are reduced. Straight-grained wood is reported to work without too much difficulty. Yellow birch is reported to have very good turning properties. Boring characteristics are reported to be very good.
The wood has exceptional mortising properties. 
Carefully controlled conditions are reported to be required for best results. The wood is reported to have poor nailing properties. Screwing properties are reported to be rather poor. Sanding properties are reported to be only fair. The timber is reported to have very good steam bending properties.

Durability: The species is reported to have little natural resistance to decay, and will deteriorate rather rapidly if exposed to damp, outside conditions without proper chemical protection.

Preservation: The heartwood is reported to be fairly or moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

Mechanical Properties

For specific properties go to Birch Lumber page.

Bending Strength:


Modules of Elasticity:


Maximum Crushing Strength:


Drying and Shrinkage:


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