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Wood has been a fundamental resource in all our lives. The natural beauty and versatility of wood can be seen almost everywhere you look. Wood has been used more aesthetically for interior applications such as furniture, trim, flooring, etc. But why not bring the natural appeal of wood to the outside? The answer is simple, wood is very susceptible to deterioration especially when it is exposed to the natural elements.

A partial solution to the problem has been in the use of tropical hardwoods and chemically treated woods. However, as well as these items hold up outside, their dimensional stability is still lacking and the toxins are hazardous for humans and the environment. So, what other solution can there be?

EcoPremDuring the last 20 years, scientists have been working on a method to increase a woods durability and stability as well as improve the woods performance in exterior applications. The method is called thermal modification. Long ago, Vikings learned the secret to increasing the woods potential by exposing it to fire. In the 60’s, scientists expanded upon the Viking method and found that by using a heat and steam system, they could create a wood that is durable and dimensionally stable with no chemicals added. After extensive research and tests, this product is now available in the U.S. and is called EcoPrem™.

Advantage Lumber Company, dba EcoVantage, brought this process to the U.S. and has built a state of the art facility to process this EcoPrem™ wood. With EcoPrem™ as the base material, EcoVantage has been able to produce a multitude of products for outdoor uses. All of these products are currently made from #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine, which is one of the best structural wood materials. Southern Yellow Pine is also a good renewable resource since new trees grow when old ones are cut down.

Bailey Wood Products is proud to introduce the EcoPrem™ line of products for our customers. Check out the PerfikDek for your new deck and rail system. Combine that with the StayTru structural wood material and create the frame for your deck. If you want to add a little privacy to your yard, try the RyteScape Wood Fence System. And if you are tired of that bland vinyl siding, add a little flare with the EternaClad wood siding products.

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