Custom Glued Countertops and Bar Tops

Solid wood countertops and Bar Tops Bailey Wood Products manufactures custom glued solid wood countertops and table tops. Many of these have been used in the kitchen as a work surface. Others have been used for custom bar tops or table tops.

We are capable of gluing and finishing these pieces up to a width of 36".
Most common species used is Maple. However, we have constructed these in other woods such as Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Ash. We recently constructed a custom top in 2" thick Cherry that was 24" wide and had a finished length of 16 feet.

There are two methods of construction for these tops. The first method is done by joining the edges of the 2" stock to produce a wide panel that exhibits the natural grain of the wood. The second method produces a butcher block appearance. The butcher block design is manufactured by gluing strips of material together with the edge of the piece being the face of the finished product. This produces a top that is more durable to wear by orienting the edge grain of the wood to the face of the finished piece. These tops are produced on a custom basis.

Please contact us with your inquiries and interests in this product.

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