Armored Adirondack Chair Kits

Designed for a lifetime of exceptional performance and enduring beauty.

  • Manufactured from sustainably harvested quality Pennsylvania hardwood
  • Thermally Modified to provide dimensional stability
  • Decay resistant without chemicals to improve longevity
  • Prefinished with Arm-R-Seal to retain the woods natural beauty
  • Kit includes plans and assembly instructions
  • All holes predrilled for easy assembly with stainless steal fasteners
  • Rich brown color rivalling that of exotic species
  • Long lasting materials provide a lifetime of use
  • Cost $350.00 each or $300.00 each when sold in quantities of 2 or more.

    Thermo Ash Adirondack Chair - Front View Thermo Ash Adirondack Chair - Left View Thermo Ash Adirondack Chair - Right View

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